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Top 7 Reasons to do a Boudoir Photoshoot?

The word boudoir has been floating around for the past several years with various spellings like boudior or budoir or bodoir or buodior and not to mention the difficulty with pronouncing it. Whether you can spell it or say it, the understanding of boudoir has been a universal meaning of intimate portraits. A celebration of one's femininity, being captured while wearing and posing in sexy lingerie or body-fitting outfits. 

So what's the excitement with women wanting to do a boudoir photoshoot??? Well, here's the top 7 reasons why women in Atlanta choose to do a beauty & boudoir photo session with Olivia Yee Portrait:

1. For our studio, a beauty & boudoir session is truly an empowering experience to help women on their journey towards confidence and rediscovering themselves. It's all about celebrating your one-of-a-kind beauty and capturing this period of life. Whether it's for an anniversary, birthday, finalizing your divorce, post-baby, weight loss journey, fighting/overcoming an illness, or simply reconnecting with a once-vibrant you. It's to celebrate YOU!

2. A session with us is a combination of beauty & boudoir in one photo session. Consider it your very own celebrity like transformation, posing in glamourous gowns, and then showing a bit more skin in a few pieces of sexy lingerie or simply draped in white sheets. 

3. Each session is one of a kind. We go the extra mile to fully customize your session to make your dream session into a reality. From preparing several outfits, backgrounds, and props -the details will be planned with your vision in mind. 

4. Another reason why women choose our studio is the selection of in-studio wardrobe, which is readily available for clients to take their portraits to another level. At your consultation, you will be able to preselect from our Victoria Secrets inspired wings, (made from ostrich feather) to the majestic tulle robes that will spark curiosity and wonder.

5. Your portraits won't have to be lock away from your kids or friends. It will be tasteful, timeless, and a work of art. We like to leave a little up to the imagination, as a mysterious woman is a huge part of the sexiness.

6. We are an all-female portrait studio, comprising of just Olivia (the photographer) and one chosen lady for styling. Your comfort and safety is a top priority. While these sessions can seem intimidating, we can assure you, you will feel so comfortable and beautiful.

7. Lastly, even though you may share these with your partner, we encourage you to do this for YOU! This is an experience to be self-indulgent because you are worthy of all the things wonderful. 

Interested in doing a Beauty & Boudoir session with us? YAY!!!

Let's get in touch to start planning because none of our photo sessions are the same, and all are customized to fit the needs of our clients. Please use the form below to schedule a quick call with Olivia or our Studio Manager. We look forward to chatting with YOU!

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