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When to book your maternity photo session?

Being pregnant is one of the most transformative and phenomenal experiences a woman can have. The changes the female body undergoes as the budding baby grows are nothing short of incredible! While the course of pregnancy might follow a standard trajectory, the experience is unique for each expectant mother, so timing is everything when booking your maternity photo session at Olivia Yee Portrait!

The number one factor to consider when scheduling your maternity session is your due date. The ideal date range to schedule your photoshoot would generally fall between weeks 25-36 of a normal pregnancy. During this timeframe, most women have a visible, prominent belly that is able to be displayed in all its maternal glory!

If you're having a few challenges or have an earlier than expected delivery date, the sooner within the date range, the better. This allows for a more comfortable, incident free experience.

We want to time your session perfectly, so we highly recommend not waiting until the last few weeks of when you’re due to deliver. The more advanced your pregnancy becomes, the more likely it is for you to become uncomfortable, stressed or exhausted. Let's ensure you’re able to capture the most beautiful photos to cherish for a lifetime, by booking your session earlier rather than later!

If you're located in the Georgia area and looking for a highly rated maternity photographer in Atlanta, give us a call today! Maternity and portrait session dates are available for New York in August 14-20th, 2021. Please email us at for further details.

If you're still uncertain about when exactly to schedule your maternity session and need more details on pricing, affordable payment plans, maternity photoshoot ideas, and maternity dresses -

you can simply schedule a convenient time to talk by clicking the link below:

We look forward to seeing you and your baby bump in the studio soon!

** Behind the scenes photos from Rosa Gray's maternity session for baby Ariana at 36 weeks.

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