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5 Ways to Elevate Your Boudoir Outfit

We know that lingerie is not your everyday wear, so a lot of our clients ask us: what exactly should I wear for my session? We know that the styles and options are endless-silk or lace, stockings or fishnets, balconette or push up bra-it can be dizzying. Before you run out and spend hundreds at Lenox Mall or hours scrolling through Fashion Nova while fretting over what styles you should buy, check out our 5 simple ways to enhance that one sexy piece to create diverse looks for a successful boudoir shoot!

1. Body Jewelry

This is a sexy and sultry addition to adorn your one-piece with! We feature a gorgeous skirt, necklaces, and dainty chains to enrich your sexy and accentuate your curves in all the right places. Not always the first thing that comes to mind but definitely one of the favorites among our clients. This option even looks good sans bodysuit with tasteful angles for an ultra-sexy addition to your collection.

2: Classic White Button-Down

Whether it's your own or your partner's, a classic white button down is a surefire classic addition to your look. Bring out your inner "Risky Business" for a fun and flirty look!

3. Robes

There are many different styles of robe for every taste, whether you want something timeless, like a flowy feathered robe; sultry, like a soft silk; or something with a bit of flare like a glitzy shimmery piece. Whatever you choose, it's guaranteed to upgrade your session in a surprisingly simple way.

4. Skirt

Let's mix things up and add in a piece that goes on your lower half for an unconventional look with an elegant pop. Bring a unique enhancement to your booty and legs away from the traditional garters and stockings with a sheer skirt that will enhance every beautiful curve!

5. Many of our clients want something that really takes boudoir over the edge. Wings are a popular and gorgeous choice to ruffle some feathers in the studio, which is why Olivia Yee Portrait features 2 custom designed pairs of angel wings, commissioned straight from one of the top costume and Carnival designers in New York! We encourage you to add this VIP option, you will not be disappointed.

During your consultation, we will discuss your wardrobe choices. It doesn't have to be all about wearing lingerie to feel empowered. The options are limitless on the possibilities of your wardrobe choices. If you are in the Atlanta area and ready to start planning a boudoir photo session with Olivia Yee Portrait?

Let's make it happen!

Call us at 470-207-4505 or simply fill out the form below and we will be in touch right away!

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