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The One Reason Not to do a Boudoir Photo Shoot

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Before I dive in, I came across a humorous yet candid tweet stating "I don't know how we are ever going to trust celebrating the new year again." I couldn’t help but agree with this sentiment! Given the 4 months left in 2020 with an unknown trajectory of COVID-19, the humor quickly faded. Here we are, rolling with the punches while recognizing the value of celebrating the life we have today. 

I've built my studio on the foundational belief that every woman deserves to feel beautiful and valued. No matter what your circumstances are, no matter what you weigh, no matter your age, no matter what excuse you can give I will still encourage YOU to celebrate yourself in the best light. Which brings us to the one reason you should not book a boudoir experience.

If you are doing this shoot for your significant other and not at least partly for yourself, DO NOT DO IT!  While I think it's wonderful that you are getting married, celebrating an anniversary, birthday, Valentine’s, or Christmas present, boudoir portraits make an incredibly personal gift. If you can't look me in the eye and tell me that this is really for yourself, first and foremost, please find another gift. 

Honestly, this shoot is only about one person -YOU. Let me explain the two most meaningful reasons why. 

  1. Preparation. The preparation process is way too involved to be taken on by someone who has little interest in this experience. Your heart has got to be in this one. After all, you won't enjoy your design session or shopping for sexy lingerie as much, which leads to stress because you are always wondering if your spouse will love it as much you do. All the second-guessing doesn't hold the same magic and if you are doing this solely for the benefit of someone else, YOU won't truly be ready for it. 

  2. Transformation. The top reason why women choose our studio is for a same-day transformational makeover session. Knowing all the key details will be taken care of on a professional level, by a team that is invested in making them feel amazing. When you are doing this as a gift, the desires are different because you come in less committed to seeing yourself more kindly. If you are only doing this to please someone else, you may not see your one of a kind beauty and truly experience the transformation of being captured in the best light. 

To end my note, please know that you don't need reasons to book a boudoir experience because you are all-deserving, valuable, and enough to be celebrated all on your own, at this and every stage of your life. 

Do it for YOU.  

Interested in doing a Beauty & Boudoir session with us? YAY!!!

Let's get in touch to start planning because none of our photo sessions are the same, and all are customized to fit the needs of our clients. Please use the form below to schedule a quick call with Olivia or our Studio Manager. We look forward to chatting with YOU!


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