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Nervous for your Boudoir Shoot?

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Heck yeah! As a woman, I fully understand the anxiety around posing in front of a stranger with a big camera. As your photographer, I know those nerves are common with clients. It's my priority to make you feel comfortable to capture you in the best light.

My most recent session was with Lydia. Her initial apprehension came from her lack of facial expression, which her friends tease her about when taking photos. I assured Lydia these are typical concerns for clients but before I click, I will take the time to engage and pose for genuine expressions.

It all goes back to making my clients feel comfortable by making them feel at home in our studio, putting their needs first, and simply bonding through conversation. I love to know who my clients are as an individual, their life stories and recent experiences.

By the time you have completed hair and makeup, we have broken down barriers to your anxiety. Within 15 mins of capturing you, you are having fun while I am posing you down to your fingers. Yeah! your inner beauty will be bursting out by the time we get to the second outfit. I can guarantee that.

Boudoir sessions are incredibly empowering to re-discover your womanhood. Yes, life often takes us on a whirlwind of events which causes us to lose sight of our of a kind beauty. That's we focus our boudoir photography around building confidence or adding to what is already there. Just do it for YOU!


I welcome you to our photography studio that is conveniently located in DeKalb County, serving the Metro Atlanta Area. Let us get in touch to start planning your dream boudoir session by sending me a

Xoxo Liv


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